Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Using the iPad in the Classroom

                                     Assistive Technologies
                              Using the iPad in the Classroom

       Our last class lecture was on assistive technologies. Dr Z. went over ways that technology can be used to help students with disabilities. I found this topic really interesting and didn't realize/ think about how helpful technology can be. I decided to look up videos on YouTube to find more ways that technology can be used to help students. I found this video on the iPad. Although the iPad isn't made exclusively for students or students with disabilities for that matter, I began to think of ways I could use them in my classroom.

Some uses:
-Text can be enlarged, to help students with vision disabilities
-Brightness adjustable for easier reading
-Downloadable books for students with reading disabilities
      -Can take iPad home to read at their own pace
-Word type app for students who struggle with handwriting
-Students are able to quickly look up articles and information
-Portability- can be taken home. Fits in book bags and desks, and would be easy to take out and put away multiple times a day -which is a task in elementary classrooms, I may add.
-Game apps- Educational games to help students master skills or for in between time in class

Here is a video explaining some of the uses that an ipad offers for classroom use.

                                        Photo used with permission: Teachland

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