Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Technology making life easier for children with Autism to express themselves

 Students speak out autism through blogging

New statistics suggest that 1 in 58 children are diagnosed with autism, and are using the Internet to help gain rights. I think it's important that schools and communities provide therapies and programs described in the video clip. Often we hear from advocates of autism over people who are living with it. It's great that the students are using videos and blogs to voice their opinions and embrace their lifestyle. Another interesting comments made by one of the students was that the way that they use voice machines, computers and blogs is just another way of life. The fact that some people with autism don't let autism hold them back and are letting people around the world know is inspiring. Although schools now are making a lot bigger effort on the inclusion of autistic children as well as other children with disabilities into general ed classrooms, we need to be aware that these students have potential like every other child.  As an educator, I will have students with autism in my class, and I realize that I need to be aware and knowledgeable about what technology they use everyday.

Image used with permission from Girlshrink-Autism Awareness
Video used with permission from Technology & Autism

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